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BC Gives Back

Here at BC Gives Back we aim to support our community in four different ways.

  • Foster Family Childcare
  • Free Childcare to Vote
  • Childcare Scholarships
  • Education Scholarships for Our Team

We do this with the help of your donations, sponsors and partners. If you'd like to be involved, please donate below.



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Childcare for Foster Families

We work to provide vetted and certified sitters to families . We partner with local foster care agencies to utilize their trainings and certifications already in place to train our team, as well as connect us to families.

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Free Childcare to Vote

BC Gives Back will provide free or discounted childcare to families in order to allow them to vote in local, state and national elections. We firmly believe that all Americans should vote in all elections. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard regardless of access to childcare.

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Childcare Scholarships

Childcare, particularly in-home and off-hours childcare, is a luxury most can not afford. We will be a voice of change and ensure families who need childcare can get it.

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Education Scholarships for Our Team

Provide our sitters with scholarships to enable them to pursue educational opportunities.

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BC Gives Back is supported by Babysitting Connection and their resources. Babysitting Connection is a for profit babysitting agency currently servicing Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, TX.

About Us


Executive Director and Founder - Beth Heyer

Beth’s passion for children in foster care began in 2009 when she began working with a small non profit, My Very Own Blanket, in Columbus, OH. Beth (pre children) had lots of time for one of her passions, quilting. She worked with My Very Own Blanket for several years, including time as Executive Director creating and leading a team to create thousands of blankets for children in foster care each year in Ohio.

Her time with My Very Own Blanket connected her to the amazing team at Franklin County Children Services, where she began mentoring 2 incredible young ladies through their College Bound Mentor Program and then held seats on both the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Volunteer Services Advisory Committee before moving to Austin, TX in 2018.

Upon launching Babysitting Connection in January 2020, she realized that she could use her incredible team of vetted sitters to support families outside of their membership. Foster families began reaching out asking for help, and she saw an opportunity to make an impact.

BC Gives Back is looking to set up an Advisory Council to help assist us in getting off the to best start possible. If interested, please email hello@bcgivesback.org

Our Partners



Politisit reimburses parents and other caregivers for child care costs while they attend civic engagement meetings and activities. They want to help bring every voice to the table.


Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is dedicated to supporting foster or adoptive families by providing training, mentoring, and church ministry development.


Foster Angels

Founded in 2010, Foster Angels has given back to tens of thousands of children through protecting their essential needs and providing them with multitudes of opportunities.


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