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I imagined what I would want in a babysitter agency, well qualified, certified and background checked sitters, and I created just that. Someone I trust, who actually met with them, and talked to them and interviewed them, face to face. Sitters who were at least 18, with reliable transportation. And most importantly someone I would want in my own home, spending time with my children. That’s what I’m here to provide.

We interview and screen each and every sitter at Babysitting Connection. All sitters on our site pass a background check and driving record check and have up-to-date CPR Certification. Each of our sitters is at least 18 years old, has a valid driver’s license and proper insurance, and has a vehicle.

We pride ourselves in identifying sitters with diverse backgrounds and experiences to meet our members’ needs.

Featured Sitters



Hello! My name is Cecily I moved her about a year ago from Dallas with my cat Marshall. I'm a senior at Texas State University! In Dallas, I worked as a science camp teacher for three years. I did casual babysitting on the side for two years too. I love doing activities with kids from science experiments to arts and crafts! I'm always working on some sort of project at home in my free time or reading.



Hello! My name is Stef, I've been working with children for as long as I can remember. Aside from being the default family babysitter for my siblings and cousins, I have also worked in various school and church events taking care of children and facilitating activities from church camps to summer camps. I am comfortable with all ages! Some of my favorite activities are going to the park, going for a walk, art projects and reading. I especially love holding and feeding infants :) I come from a large family and understand how important it is to be able to have someone you trust looking after the ones you love.



Hello! My name is Karla and I am a student at Texas State University. I have been working with Babysitting connection for 10 months and I have worked with Kids for 5 years. I am comfortable with any age and I like to keep the kids entertained by playing games, arts and crafts and anything they like to do. I'm a big talker too so I like interact with kids and get to know them.


How to book a sitter

When you join Babysitting Connection, you will be able to book a sitter through our website. We recommend booking with at least one week's notice. Simply login, select the duration, date and time of your sit and you will be shown a roster of every sitter available for you to book.

You will be able to read each sitter's bio, their locations they accept sits, and if they are COVID-19 vaccinated. From there, select the sitter you would like and it will send them the request.

Our sitters have 48 hours to respond to each sit request and you will be emailed a confirmation once they accept!