Booking a Sitter

Best Babysitting Services in Austin, Texas

Step 1

  • Choose a plan that will work best for you. We offer three plans: Basic, Premium and Platinum.

Hire a Babysitter in Austin, Texas

Step 2

  • Create an account. Let us know about your family and what you expect of any sitter you book.
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Step 3

Schedule your first sit! Select the time and date you need a sitter.

Hire a Babysitter in Austin, Texas

Step 4

A roster of available sitters who are comfortable with your child's age and sits near your location will be displayed. Learn about the sitters and pick the one that works best for your family. Select the sitter you would prefer and submit the request. Your sitter will have 48 hours to confirm the sit and you will receive a confirmation email once they confirm.

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