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About the Program

Let us match your family with the perfect sitter(s) for your short-term needs.

Requirements to join the program include:

  • Babysitting Connection membership
  • 20+ hours of childcare needed per week
  • A consistent weekly care schedule

And the best part? You can still schedule a babysitter outside of your consistent care hours if you need additional coverage.

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Step 1

  • Choose a plan that will work best for you. We offer three plans: Basic, Premium and Platinum.


Step 2

  • Create an account. Let us know about your family and what you expect of any sitter you book.

Step 3

Email that you would like to join the program.


Step 4

Paty will send you updates about any interested sitters. Video chat and schedule test sits with the sitters to determine the best fit(s) for your family.

Consistent Care FAQ's

How long will I be matched with the same sitter(s)? +

Our matches range from 6 weeks to 3 months in duration. After your match ends, you can always discuss extending the match with your sitter. While some of our families have been matched with their sitter(s) for over a year, the average is 3 months.

We do this to provide both you and your sitter(s) with flexibility. You are not locked into any long-term agreement like you are with a nanny. This means you can choose to try out a new sitter, leave the program, or continue with the same sitter if they are still available at the end of your match.

How do I pay my Consistent Sitter? +

How you choose to pay your sitter is up to you and your sitter! You can pay by whichever method works for both of you and discuss a payment schedule as well. While you are expected to pay sitters at the end of each sit when you book them sporadically, a consistent sitter may prefer to be paid weekly.

What should the rates be for a consistent sitter? +

Because you are booking with a sitter consistently and for 1+ months out, we recommend offering a higher hourly rate than you would pay to a sporadic sitter you book through our system. While you do not have to offer a higher hourly rate, you cannot offer a lower rate. You can see our rates here and then decide what your family is willing to pay.

Am I allowed to meet my sitter prior to matching? +

Yes! Only for our Consistent Care program do we allow families to virtually chat with and book test sits with a potential match. We do not allow in-person interviews, but you are welcome to call and book the sitter for a sit to decide if you believe booking them consistently is a good fit.